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It starts with sourcing the best materials…

Birch wood is sourced from Finland and Estonia, then fine layers are combined with resin, and the addition of heat and pressure makes a hardy laminated composite ready for shaping into dowels, and then to the final needle or hook shape.

Rowan Circular Needle Roll

Craftsmanship, skilled assembly, perfect finishing

Produced for Rowan in Jaipur, India, highly skilled craftsmen shape each individual needle. For circular needles, the metal joinery is glued securely in place, and cords added. The needles are polished, our signature Rowan mark and information are printed in place, and they are all packaged in recycled cardboard cases. Unlike at most manufacturing facilities in India, almost half the employees are women.

Rowan Straight Needle Roll

Supporting workers, woman, and education in the local community

No woman who asks for a job is turned away; all women are transported to and from work; men are given a bicycle on their first day. These are some of the ways workers are supported and shown their value. In a nearby community a free school has been set up, now with close to 1,000 students, to secure a better future for a new generation. The school encourages girls to stay at school longer than the age of 13, which can be typical in rural Indian villages.