Our Flagships Stores

As a brand we work with a huge number of retailers all around the world. Some have been on the journey with us from day one, and others have joined us along the way. From independent local yarn stores to department and chain stores, through to online retailers, we value all of their support and the commitment that they have shown and continue to show to the Rowan brand. Every single retailer is paramount to us and has played a crucial part in our history over the last 40-plus years.

As a brand we are always looking forward and developing new ideas, and it was important to us to ensure we continue to embrace and grow these important retail relationships. So, in 2017 we launched our new Rowan Flagship Store programme. Each of the stores who have become a Flagship are an ambassador for the brand and a destination for a complete Rowan experience.

The first store to join us on the program was Black Sheep Wools in Cheshire, followed by Shoreham Knitting and Needlecraft in West Sussex, the first independent store to carry Rowan yarns when our company first started. Since then we have grown, with new flagships joining us from all over Europe to locations as far away as New Zealand.